Throughout the business, K C MAHANAKORN CO.,LTD. is entrusted and is supported by many suppliers and we all are seem to be more like partner. Therefore, our customers can entrust our product, information, and after sales service indeed. We focus on customer satisfaction about product quality and a proper pricing. Consequently, all our offered products will be selected from trustworthy manufacturers, measuring products quality with a sufficiency standard to ensure users about our product quality and our continuity in produce and development.


KITZ or KITZ CORPORATION ( JAPAN ) The leader of valves manufacturer in Japan. KITZ is also being prestigious in an industry.

The specialist in fluid and steam control valves, YOSHITAKE INC. ( JAPAN ), gives their full attention to customer satisfaction. Thus, they thoroughly have done many researches and have developed their products to fulfil customer needs in usability.

YAMAMOTO KEIKI MFG. CO.,LTD. ( JAPAN ) manufacture pressure gauges and thermometers under the JIS standard, a well-known industrial standard.

Rotex is a leading manufacturer and exporter of fluid control systems, pneumatic actuators, valve automation systems and control components, with a market presence in more than 30 countries.

Ihara : KC Mahanakorn Co.,Ltd.

Ihara Science is engaged in the business of engineering, designing, and manufacturing innovative and customizable piping solutions. We provide high quality valves, fittings, component products, and piping systems for commercial as well as industrial applications around the world.